LightBody™ School Presents
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A LightBody™ Healing Tool for Manifesting Health, Wealth & Happiness
 + Gratitude Infusion LightBody™ Power Program
with Nan Akasha, CHT, MDH, MM, KM, GM

For Personal Life Mastery, Manifestation, Healing or Certification 

LightBody - Infinity Light Weaving
Light Work begins Instantly.
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Dynamically Updated
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  • Includes: Training Videos + Activation Videos + Guided Meditations:  + Tools: Charts, Guides, Exercises, Checklists, Quick-Activation Guide and more
  • Monthy LightBody School Healing Calls
  • Gorgeous Full Color, energetically Encoded Learning Tools 
  • Quick-Activation Guide, Colorful Encoded Chart, Exercises 
  • EZ Charts and Checklists to Follow + EZ Ways to Use ILW in Your Life
  • Bonus:
    The LightBody™ Healing Challenges: infinity LIght Weaving for Anything & 10 Quick & EZ LightBody Activations + 2 new ones per year
These processes, images, activations are unique and one of a kind. They are not available anywhere else. LightBody™ Healing
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